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Malik Supreme

Council of  Nobles 


Message from the Supreme Potentate

Regalia: Gentlemen, please do not wait until the last minute to purchase your regalia. Higher houses generally have fewer members, so most of the things we order and not kept in stock and have to be custom made. If you decide to purchase from another vendor or buy used regalia, please verify that it is correct. Different jurisdictions have different designs unique to them.


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Shriner Temples

Malik Temple # 1

Desert of  Texas

Oasis of  Houston

Mu Tazz Temple # 69

Desert of  Texas

Oasis of  San Antonio

Hikmah Temple # 17

Desert of  Texas

Oasis of  Houston

Kaaba Temple # 1

Desert of  New Jersey

Oasis of  Newark

Palestine Temple # 17

Desert of  Illinois

Oasis of  Chicago

Kaaba Temple # 5

Desert of  Illinois

Oasis of  Chicago

Arabia Temple # 311

Desert of  Texas

Oasis of  Houston

Zulema Temple # 1

Desert of  New Orleans

Oasis of  Louisiana

Imperial Potentate 
John Gorrell 33°

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