Appendant or Higher degrees are honorary branches of the masonic order in which a member may proceed to after completing the principle symbolic degrees. Higher degrees allow members to continue their education to amplify and elaborate the proceeding principle degrees. The two major concordant bodies of masonry are The Scottish Rite and The York Rite systems. The higher degrees that can be attained in this Supreme Council are listed below for both men and women.

The Royal Arch  Chapter  gives a Master Masons further opportunities for personal improvement. The Chapter uses biblical allegories to extend and complete the many facets of the Master Mason degree. Through their many charities, the Royal Arch Masons exemplify the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth in their daily lives.

 The Order of  Knights Templars  is founded upon the Christian Religion and the practice of Christian virtues. The order is is made up of these degrees: The Order of the Red Cross, the Knights of Malta, and the Order of the Temple. The Order of the Red Cross has been seen as the prerequisite for the chivalric degrees, and its found in both York and Scottish Rites.  The Orders of the Temple and Knight's of Malta are founded upon the traditions of the Chivalric Orders of Knighthood from the middle ages, which these degrees are known as the Chivalric degrees. 

First Step into the Scottish Rite from Master Mason. The Lodge of Perfection confers the 4° through the 14°. These are commonly referred to as the Ineffable Degrees. In the 11 lessons the candidate will observe many references, scenes and characters which recall and amplify the three Symbolic degrees

The Chapter of  Rose Croix attempts to provide the candidate with a deeper understanding of religion, philosophy, ethics and history though a variety of complex "historical degrees". The intellectual challenges presented in these degrees are numerous, and at times overwhelming and can take years to master. 

The Consistory Degrees are very different from each other in form and content. The 31° reveals the dynamic relationship that has existed for centuries between human law as a means of achieving justice, and divine justice as an ideal. The 32° is a review of the degrees of  the Lodge of  Perfection, the Chapter of  Rose Croix and the Knight's of Kadosh.

The 33° is Honorary. Those who are elected to membership of the Supreme Council are all recipients of the 33rd Degree  and are honorary members of the Supreme Council, and all members are referred to as a "Sovereign Grand Inspectors General." The head of the Supreme Council is called "Sovereign Grand Commander Inspectors General." He is the highest ranking Scottish Rite officer in the Supreme Council.

 Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal organization composed of  Master Masons and wives, mothers, daughters, widows, sisters, nieces, aunts, or from the Order of the Eastern Star. In its teachings, the members are emphatically reminded of their duties to God, to their country and to their fellow beings. They are urged to portray, by precept and example, their belief in the "Golden Rule" and by conforming to the virtues inherent in TRUTH, FAITH, WISDOM and CHARITY they can prove to others the goodness promulgated by the Order.

The Heroines of  Jericho is an androgynous degree conferred to Royal Arch Masons, their wives, mothers, widows, sisters and daughters. The court derives its name from a biblical heroine of Jericho known as Rahab, who hid Israelite spies from the soldiers and thus kept her family safe when the walls of  Jericho fell. The purpose of the organization is help the destitute widows and the helpless orphans; to relieve worthy distressed female travelers.

They are referred to as Dames or Ladies of  Knights. Although medieval chivalry generally excluded women from most knightly chivalric Orders, the historical record proves that women were actually had significant participation within the Order of  Knight's Templar.  Perhaps more importantly, Templar Knights and Dames were also visible public role models of tradition, culture, spirituality, ethics and humanitarian values. Through setting an example by active leadership, all of these qualities they caused to become famously known worldwide as the character of  Chivalry.

This Honorary Degree is for sisters who have passed the Eastern Star, Heroines of Jericho, Ladies of Knights, and Daughters of  Sphinx degrees. Those who are elected to membership of the Supreme Council are all recipients into the College of  the Rose of the Seven Seals and are honorary members of the Supreme Council. All members are referred to as "Rose."  The head of the College of Roses is referred to as "The Supreme Most Excellent Rose".